Jedward, the monkey-robbing duo.

If you haven’t heard, Coco the Monkey is out of a job in the UK.

Two weirdos, who were losers on X Factor, have shoved the poor guy out of a job. The duo call themselves Jedward, and they are pretty much the opposite of a monkey in their level of cool. Their level of cool can be judged by that hair and their choice of material. Not only do they grab Vanilla Ice’s look, they also grab his horrible “Ice Ice Baby” as their single. Why anyone would want to bring back this blighted period in music puzzles and angers us.

Coco is a great guy: a family monkey, a philanthropist, and an ambassador for tasty chocolate cereals. And now Kellogg’s chucks him out on his tail in favor of these two? It’s yet another example of anti-monkey bias in the business world.

If you are in the UK, we urge you to boycott Coco Pops. Contact your MP. There are already too few monkey role models, and it’s appalling to see one of the greats shoved out of his job.