Some Webcomics require you to understand a complicated story and the interplay of various, complex characters. And that’s a good thing (check out Bad Machinery, but only after you give me a chance, okay?).

In this strip, however, the title is pretty much what you need to know. There’s Erik, and any resemblance between cartoonists living or dead is questionable. And there’s Monkey. He’s a monkey, which keeps things simple. The two of them talk about life, or at least their own version of it. That’s all you need to know to start reading. You probably don’t even need that.

That’s not to say there won’t be little adventures, or some possibly confusing weirdness. It does come out of my head, which is a fount of weirdness. I do hope you enjoy what you read here and return for more. After all, there is a monkey involved. And everything’s better with monkeys.